May 27, 2010

~1 week left~

Only 1 week left for me to stay in this "jungle"..
For a few week i be patient with my new "friends" that sometimes hurt my heart with their words,  i hope i still can be patient only for a 1 week..
After that, good bye la u all...
Tired already to hear ur words, although sometimes u all "layan" me dengan baik~

Mom and Dad wait for me!
Ur daughter will come back after for a few month stayed out from u..
My bro n sis, we can play and hang out together again but don"t la "kebas2" my money cuz ur big sis don"t have money too..hahaha~

But so sad...
This year is my 1st time i can"t celebrate Gawai with u all...
Mom, lets sis help u to "kemas2" house k... biar dia kurus skit t.. >_<

Can"t wait for 3 Jun 2010
hOMe SwEeT hOmE

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