May 18, 2010


tOdAy mY eMoTiOn IS nOt FeEl WeLL..
I HaTe WiTh "them"!! 

We OnLy KnOWn EacH oTHeR fOr A LiTtLe TiMe, bUt tHeY aTtItUdE mAkEs mE fEeL vErY bAd!! 

tHeY jUsT KnOW bULLy Me anD sOmEtImEs i fEeL lIkE tOBlogger Graphics

Hmm.. now i really tired la with this ragam manusia..
Sometimes they good with me, sometimes they don't...
I don't know who is good, who is not..
I really2 tired.. 
I dont know how long i can "bersabar" with this world..

Blogger Graphics

Sometimes, i think better i DIE than face with this kind of people!!

But somehow, i must follow my mom advice...
"U must be patient with them.."
"U just ignore what they said about u"
That is my mom words that i must follow while i'm still with them..

Dear God,
Please help me face this cruel people,
Please dont lets me hate them,
Please give me some patient to face this world..
I dont want to do something that i will regret..
Hope u bless me in this journey...

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