May 25, 2010

~wait for a while~

Dear Friends,

I will come back to my hometown on 3 Jun 2010..
So, just wait for a little while than we can gathering together like last year..
I know only me that still not yet come back, but just wait for a little while k..
Time flies to fast, I hope what we have plan this few week will be "menjadi"
Umi Saidah, Cosma Mesey, Jamaliah, Moknotta Junn, Stephanie Barim, Susan William, Ligita, Prisca Cornie and Emmanuel, hope we can be together and enjoy together this semester break!! Bring along sapa2 geng kita together la..
Korg inform sndiri lar.. xkan la aku jga kena jd informer n main idea nie.. huhu  >_<

Almost 2 years i didn"t see some of u and the other's i muak da watch ur face... hehehe.. jgn terasa my friends..
Miss to hang out with u all,
Miss with our enjoyable memory past time,
Hope we can unite this semester break although we didn't have money..

Pandai2 la korg korek2 duit tu erk..
X pn lepak je kt umah i k.. u all tau kn my house...

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