Sep 25, 2010

~sToMaCh AcHe~

AlMoSt eVeRyDaY I hAvE a StOmAcH aCHe PrObLeM..
I haTe It..
tOo pAiN aNd SoMeTiMeS i nEeD To Go tOiLeT fOr EvErY 1 HoUr tO ThRoW aWaY tHe tOxIc..
hMm, i sTiLL dIdN'T gO tO cHeCk Up WhAt hApPen wItH mY StOmAcH..
BuT It aLwAyS DiStUrB My mEaL tYmE..
nOw i juSt cAn TaKe A LiTtLe biT rEsT BEfOrE dO SoMe WoRk BeCaUsE Of mY sToMaCh AcHe..
picture from mr.Google


FareedSairi said...

gi jumpa dr, takut perkara serius...serius, den pun penah rasa.

wasabi onee-san said...

iya? hehehe.. malas jga kadang2 nie nak jmpa dr..

Bella Luna said...

i dah sakit perut dh haritu..merana..wuwuwuw..sbar ye..muga cepat sembuh..g klinik..

wasabi onee-san said...

owh... tau xpe.. tp merana skjp jer nie..


Hahahah. Gmbr budak tu comel~!

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