Mar 2, 2011

Journey of life..

Life is kinda short...
Now i'm totally agree...
We don't know what will happen next day or few years later..
No need to waste our time by complaining our life is not good like other's.

I know in my blog i always complaining about my life, about my problem, but sometimes i think, why i always complaining and not be grateful with my own life?

Hurmm, i'm not a perfect person and sometimes like to think negative about my life. 
Life is too short if we always keep complaining about our life.

We need to be grateful with our life because we don't know when is our time to "go" and leave our family and friends without "words".

I was shocking this few days ago when i received a bad news in my life, truly this is bad news that i heard.. that 2 of my course mate aka my friends leave us because involved in bad accident. 1 them survive and still struggling in hospital right now, struggle for her life. I really hope she can be strong and recover well soon. 

I remember when the time i was study together with 1 of my friends that leave us forever. She is very kind, always help me especially when i don't understand the subject and taught me until i understand. Japanese subject, i will remember because on that time i know you, we become a group member together and at the same time we become a friends until now.

I still remember few days ago, i make a some joke with you and Stella in cafe while both of you stress and don't know how to do the assignment. I remember you always smile and smile and smile when we see each other in everywhere. Although we did not close as friends of others, but i still remember you as my friends. Cindy, hope you rest in peace there.

Hsiao Pei, i don't know much about you. What i know is you are a quiet person. Hope you rest in peace there.

Candy, i know you when you introduce yourself with a big smile. You like to talk a lot although we just met for a little time like a friends that known each other for a few years. I know you since you become my roomate SDG group member. You always give a smile a cheerful in people life because of your friendly attitude. I hope you will recover soon and no matter what happen, hope you can struggle hard in your life, hope so that you still smile like before. Only you live to continue the struggle in this life. 

Nothing much i can say now. Just feel kinda sad. Realize that life is short when we always complaining our life. Just be grateful that we are give a life and depends on us how to enjoy it in a good ways.

STOP complaining about difficulty in our life and try the best to enjoy it because we also don't know when is our "time" too. I'm sorry i can't go to your funeral today because i don't know why. I don't have any strength to face it although i know that it's a list time to visit both of you.

I'm sorry. I can't. Rest in Peace.... 


Miecyber said...

Sympathy to what happen to your course mate.
Nobody perfect in the world.
Allah give us difficulty to test us.
If we paste the test ,maybe Allah give more prosperity to us.

Akulah Aqilah Itu said...

2 things u cant cure,
aging, and death. =)


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