Mar 10, 2011

Teenagers.. Young Adult

Oh yeah..!!
Time flies to fast..
From teenagers, now i known as young adult..!!


O ma gadddd...!!!!

I can't believe it...!!

I'm not really enjoy my teenagers life..!!
Opss, really?? (i dun think so la..)

I have grown too fast.. (like my grandma said la..)
From cute baby transform into beautiful lady..
Can't believe it yeah?

I know there's a lot people outside being jealous with my natural beauty..
Oh yeah, don't be jealous oke..!! 
I also don't want to be "perasan"

Now, i become young adult.
Be matured..
Think like an adult.
No more play2..
Be serious person.

But, luckily what i said is will not come true.
I don't want to be serious person.
I just want be myself.
Young adult that have their own identity.
My own personality.

So, enuff..!!
Enuff with all rubbish conversation now..!!
I dunno what motif i write this entry..!!
Nothing kena-mengena with teenagers and young adult..!!

Stop it wasabi..!!
Enuff uolz..!!
StOp reading my entry..!!
But dont fOrget tO click2 nuff oke..!!


this picture stolen frOm mr. gOOgle

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