Sep 30, 2011

I'm fall in love

Finally, my heart already been taken...

Love something miracle, something nice, something that we can't describe with words..

OMG, i dunno what happen with my heart every time i see "him"

Dup dap dup dap..

By the first time i meet "him", i melted my heart..

First time i look at "him" i know "he" was created only for me.

No body can took "him" away from me..

If tomorrow never comes,
Will he know how much i loved him..
Did i try every way to show him every day,
That him the only one...

Jeng jeng jeng

Oh my "samsung es80"..!



Now he will be my new lover..

My new admire even though it's not "mantap" like DSLR but i try to love "him" 

because only this i "mampu" to buy with my budget and my PAMA sponsorship

Btw, special thanks to them cuz without them, i can't buy my new "boyfriend".



big smile for a few days..

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