Sep 14, 2011

~tOink tOink~

What a fun day for me today..!!
Nice to meet my old friends around the campus.
Just drop by on the faculty road (road ke), see them and say "hi" with an excited feeling. 

Today is my first class in my final semester. The class start on 8 am and will finish on 5 pm. Rest time is only on 12.30 pm until 2.00 pm. Sound tired isn't? But, i don't feel tired because i love when i'm busy. Make me forget everything and i will not feel bored at all. 

Today also i have make a new friends which is junior but in a different courses. What a friendly they are. But they still don;t know that i'm their senior because i try to keep it as a secret. Hahaha.. 
The most important thing is my lecturer is so funny and exciting.!! I love to be in the class even though some of the class are bored. 

For this sem i target to be the best and do the best for my own future. I think i already become very talkative in my class today, non-stop talking and answering the lecturer question. hahaha, gonna be crazy soon. 
Opss, terlalu banyak merepek pulak nie..
~ Aish..~ mode kelaparan dah tiba, but waiting for friends to ajak me turun makan.
Aiyaa, who want bring me eat with them?? 

p/s: starting from tomorrow 5 days holiday. vacation time..!!

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