Nov 27, 2011


I realize i need to appreciate my life..
Appreciate the time i had now..
Learn to appreciate with what have given..

Appreciate with every moment that i spend together with people around me..
Because we don't know when is our time to leave..
We don't know what will going on in the future..
What i understand is, i should learn how to appreciate and
how to stop complaining about my life..

Be thankful with my stronger mother who give me a wonderful life to live..
Special thanks also to my special idol my father who give me a great life to live on..
My siblings that also sometimes makes me mad with,
Sometimes they colorful my life..
And also thanks to my friends who hang around me,
playing and enjoy with me makes my day joyful..

Thanks to God because i'm still alive today..


miss whatever said...

i appreciate u as my frennnn..hehehehehe..

ching chang ka ching blOomm ~~

wasabi onee-san said...

erkk..~ smpai ke sini pulak miss whatever buat bunyikk ekk??!!
hahaha, friends forever..

~PiNkyLaDy~ said...

kalau padi katakan padi tidak aku tertampi tampi hahahaha.....
menda aku komen ni???

wasabi onee-san said...

nie lg sorg.. sesat ntah pe kah... amnde ko komen nie ek cik pinkylady??!!

CintaZulaikha said...

jadikan apa yg diberi ni sebagai satu nikmat yg patut kita syukuri..alhamdulillah..


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