Dec 10, 2011

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People keep jealous with each other.. 
it's too funny la, why should it be? 
Don't you realize that you will not happy to live in that kind of attitude? 

Appreciate with what you have and be as long as you didn't disturb other's life. 

I'm really pity with people that have this kind of attitude because they know, they will not happy with their own life, keep changing as long as they can be like other's.

Don't they feel stupid with that?

Hahaha, i'm pity with them.
Because always keep jealous with other's but at the same time didn't appreciate with what they have even though they already have more than people that they were jealous. (understand what i mean?)
Since Sem 1 until the end of the sem, you are keeping jealous with me?
Why should you?

I'm not perfect at all, you have everything that i didn't have, why should you be jealous with me? 
It's really funny. 

By the way, i didn't care with what you have done with me, i just pity with you because of your attitude, you are always feel alone.



~PiNkyLaDy~ said...

peduli la orang nak jeles2 ni...tak baik utk kesihatan pun...
kita pun tak luak apa...hahahaha...

wasabi onee-san said...

ko nie kann..~
nk wt cmne, org chantek, msti la ramai yg dngki knnnn..~
LOL. ^^

wasabi onee-san said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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