Dec 16, 2011

Photo shoot


Yeaa..!! It's the right time to publish my entry!
Photo Shoot time!

I love photography, love the art's of the photo! Chewahhhh..!I enjoy photo shoot people than taking myself picture. Like the way they are acting, the way their be a model even though i didn't pay them for it. Hahahaha, LOL..~ By the way, this is the change for me to improve my amateur skill as a photographer. I'm not a pro at all because i'm a new beginner in this photography field. 

Enjoy the photo below guys.!

So, what's up?!

Every precious moment need to be snap as our collection together. It's just a new step for me to involved in photography field. A new hobby for me, photography! Even though it's not perfect at all, apologize me as a new beginner in this world. Hahaha, LOL~


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