Sep 19, 2010

hOLEe-dAy fUn tYmE

Oh yeah.. come back with my journey story..
Long time i didn't share a story about my journey yea.. Al-maklum la xkan nak travel hari-hari erkkk!! nO mOnEy, nO tAlK lerrr.. 

By the way, during this 2 weeks sem break I was travel to kAy Elle (kL ler). Lepaking with my friends there and enjoying the holiday.. I have been there for 1 week and 2 days.. Hmm, 2 weeks holiday but i only lepaking for 1 week and 2 days so strange right? 
Nope la, another few day i full it with my assignment and study for sem break.. (Yela tu, sedangkan on that time i bz with this blog and f-BoOk) Huhu

So, come back to my journey story
On 4/09/2010, 9.45 am, I waiting for Shamisha Holiday bus at Changlun to go Kay Elle. This is the first journey I travel by myself. (Ye la, selama nie i ikot trip jer) Along my way go to kAy eLLe, i feel so bored.. no one to talk with, along the journey i only see bukit la, lorry la, and PLUS TOL... so bored, want to sleep, my eye can't close la and the worse one is i want to pee but the bus dont want to STOP.. >_~ (bRokEn eNgLiSh nIe) 
6 hours i been suffer in the bus and finally on 5pm, i sampai gak kat Hentian Duta. But, my friends catch me a little bit late, i wait her for 1 hour (hmm.. little bit late ka?) Dah la dengan gaya macam rusa masuk kampung, terkial-kial lagi mencari orang yang dikenali tetapi tak ditemui.. huhu.. sedih woo tyme tu.. Akhirnya orang yang di nani telah tiba.. My friend have come and jemput me go to her house. So happy and lega lar that tyme..

On 5/09/2010, it's time to start the journey.. My friends as my tourist guide have create many plan for us in the whole day. So happy to hear that. Firstly she bring me to use LRT. haha, like a jakun la i that tyme.. Maklum lah i never use that LRT in my life. We go to Times Square, KLCC, Petaling Street and Dataran Merdeka. Really-really tired la after come back home then we all landing until the another day.

On 6/09/2010 next journey is Zoo Negara. Hahaha..., i also never been to zoo before. this is my first tyme i go to zoo.. Like a small kids, the first tyme i see giraffe i feel very happy. My friends remind me " wei, ko tu dah tua la, control cikit perangai tu!! Cam kanak-kanak riang jer.." Hehehe, i just smile and ignore them because i feel "seronok" 

                                 After that, the next day we go to Genting Theme Park. Akhirnya ku pergi jua to that place. So enjoyable la, go there. I plays a lot of games especially i like to play indoor games, not hte outside games but the fees is to high for me mau x mau i just play outdoor games la.. (faham x?)
By the way to go that theme park, we travel by bus. Then the bus stop at station bus and my friends ask me 1 thing that i dont want to hear.. "Wasabi, to go up there we go by a cable car." zusss!! my face before that normal become white! OMG! I have use cable car! I thought last few month is my last trip use cable car at Langkawi but today!! arghh, i use it again!!
I told my friends that i dont want to use it, but my friends force me and FINALLY, i go into that cable car.
Sepanjang perjalanan tu, i memang senyap and tak bergerak langsung. My friends just laugh at me and they say "Wasabi nie nampak jer GANAS tapi ehem, PENAKUT!!" OMG, on that time i want to tembak-tembak them with my kata-kata but i can't.. arghh, who cares right.. (try to think +ve)
Hahaha, tyme dah nampak bangunan colourful tu i feel lega sangat-sangat!
Bangunan colourful tu 1st World Hotel lar.. hehehe
Then start la sesi SNAP! picture among us and tyme to play!!

Ahak.. that's all la i want to share.. Tired to taip panjang2.. Now it's tyme to concentrate with my study. huhu, this tuesday got midterm lar..

p/s: enjoying time is my favourite tyme but if come to study..  hmmmm 


Encik MT said...

nice journey! haha!

+akufobia+ said...


nosembilanbelas said...

tempat wajib...zoo negara..hahahaha(jangan marah noo)

wasabi onee-san said...

hahaha.... jalan2 cuci mata nooo


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