Nov 27, 2010


According to the Oxford Dictionary 7th edition, the definition of child abuse is the crime of harming a child in a physical, emotional or sexual way: victims of child abuse.
Children are the most valuable points of light in that family. 
Without the presence of children in the family, the family is certainly no excitement.

Abuse against children has been prevalent not only in Malaysia but all around the world. According to a study conducted by UNICEF, child abuse cases that occurred in Malaysia is increasing from year to year.


Why should cases of child abuse occur?

Do you feel guilty for abusing a child who does not know the meaning of life again?

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Emotions are very important in the life of a human. If you know how to control emotion, these cases would not have happened. Children are not innocent in the matter of a mother or father's face. Sometimes it is the goal of parents hitting children to teach them to be more disciplined and not naughty, but not until the death of children due to their small mistakes.

There are several types of abuse committed against children.
It is physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse and emotional abuse.

Children involved in child abuse cases will be traumatized for life and this is not possible they will keep the feeling of revenge and do the same to their children someday.

Children should be supervised, indulge and be affectionate enough since not to be a little venting. Children are the future generations that must be maintained and nurtured to become our leader in our old age. Without children life is not as vibrant as we wanted.

Please raise your hands and support this UNICEF campaign. 

Help this little child by giving them love not killing them.

Love the children with all of your life,
Keep them in loving care,
Educate them in the right way,
Avoid the violence of children.


whitecoffee said...

saya sokong...

wasabi onee-san said...

trimas whitecoffee...

Miza Yusof said...

support this campaign :)

wasabi onee-san said...

Thanks Miza..
Let's us raise our hand to help this little child, not raise your hand to abuse them..


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