Dec 28, 2010

hOorEy-dAy fUnnn

what a wonderful hoOrey-day i had this few days!

many thing happen and it's all fun!

the best thing i meet my old best friends, crazy dizzy friends that sit beside me while we are on secondary school!
that so fun and i'm miss her damn much although we were always fight and argue with each other..
besides that i also have wonderful moment with all my relatives especially with my nephew, cuzzie and all the kids!!
how wonderful life that i can't think ever before!

craziest sister and brother..

with my little kids.. hahaha

that's all i can share with all of uolz!
gonna have fun until this damn hoOrey-day finish yea!
chill up!
gonna laugh until the day were end!
oh yeah!!

with my chipsmunks...

gonna leave now!!
hope uolz have fun toO..


GaDiS KaMpUnG sEpArA BaNdAr said...

happening =)


wasabi onee-san said...

thnx yea!!

syrupmasin said...

lame ilang maen chipmunk rupenye :D

nurhafieza said...

wahhhh , sis comel lahhhh . aw aw ♥ suka suka . happy new year :)


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