Dec 9, 2010

Life is misery

Life is misery,
Nobody can deny it..
Sometimes it's difficult for us to face our problem in our life..
Sometimes people rather killing themselves because can't facing their life.

Why they could do right that?
Can't them solve their problem in a right way rather than suicide themselves?

My b so hard to say..
Sometimes i also face some problem that i can't solve it..
That is what i think la.. (I CAN SOLVE IT)

Evey problem, there is a way to solve it.
It's just depends on us how to solve it in proper way.


A Family, A friends..
They always with us when we are in a big trouble.
Sometimes we really need them with us when we are in trouble.
They are create for us, just sometimes we need a time to find which one is a good friends and otherwise not.

Oh God!
It's so hard for me if i have a problem.
So hard for me to face it.
So hard for me to share with other's..

But i try to think positive.
I can manage it by myself.
I just need a little time.


1 comment:

pN.rOs said...

yes u can...
wish u luck in any possible way...


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