Feb 3, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Chai

Gong Xi 
Gong Xi

It has been 3 years I have heard sounds like firecrackers at me.
Since I was sitting far from the city, away from family, I have a lot left in the festival that is celebrated by people of Malaysia.

I felt like i live at Oversea, but somehow i just live at Malaysia.

Ermm, it's too long  I didn't  accept ang pow from my relatives who were Chinese and most importantly, the neighbors next to me because I'm staying close to the Chinese residential area.

But on this beautiful day, a Chinese friend I had to celebrate the festival with us because we sit far away from family. Poor she.

We all invited to celebrate CNY to his room and eat together. 

Wahhh ..
Enjoy this very day ..
I can not tell more because of the lack of ideas, but let me upload an images as be our memories together ..

We wish all of u Gong Xi Fai Chai and Happy new year..
Thank You..
Enjoy your hoOrey-day yeah.. 


syrupmasin said...

adoiii..siann..saba ye..selamat makan limau :D

wasabi onee-san said...

terima kasih..
x smbut pun.. ^^,

nurhafieza said...

wahhhh ! ' syokkk nye ' manyak giler makanan ' ne kalau jemput pasti fieza datang (ye ye o je) meriah sangat !


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