Mar 27, 2011

If the time can turn back..~

taken from mr. google picture

If the time can be turn back, 
I wish that I will not like this..
I wish I return to my old style,
Ignore about people,
Ignore about other’s heart,
Be a cold headed girl,                                                           
No need to take care about other’s feeling..

If the time can be turn back, 
I rather to live in my own world,
Living alone and with the diaries along my journey,
Sharing story with the diaries without people around me,
Without any friends living in my life,
And my heart will not broken like a knife stabbed it..

Only if the time can be turn back,
I will do all the thing's that i can't reach now,
Trying to forgiving people that i hate for,
Trying to forget the past and create a new book of life,
A little journey to share.

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andai dapat...ku undur masa heh?


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