May 7, 2011

I'm who I'm

It's been a long time i didn't write in my lovely blog.
Oh yeah, I miss you mr. Blog... 
Long time i didn't do some blog-walking with my follower, sorry yeah guys..!! 
I feel lazy to update entry in my blog because of not enough time to spend with blog and no idea to share..
By the way, today i feel to share something that i wish to share with you guys laa.. 

The times flies to fast. We doesn't realize it until the time is arrived. The time when we need to say good bye. Even though it's too hard to say it, but we need to face the reality. A long journey give us a lot's of experience. A long journey teach us how to go on with the miserable life. 
Life is not complicated as what we thought but we always make it complicated with what we were think.

It's take a time to realize what will color our life and when the time is arrive sometimes it's gonna be too late.
Now i try to appreciate any time that i spend with my friends, my family and also for myself.
It's never to late if we realize and we can gonna fix it until we can make it perfect in our life.

Learn to control our life.
Create our own destiny.
Learn to appreciate.
Control our own journey.

Trust yourself.
Never give up in your life even though it's too hard to face it.

I'm regret with what i have done, i always keep running and running when i can't face the problem.
But not i should STOP IT.
Keeping running away from the problem never settle it down.
Now i need to keep FACE it and SOLVE it in my own way.

p/s: trying to motivate myself in a positive way. hopefully can archive it. toink toink


ain dzaya said...

somtimes someone cant accept who u're, sometimes its not alaways a gud idea to tell someone you like them..but if you make mistake once, u eill regret losing them..think about it..^^

Raxen Vrathdar said...

like this post ;)


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