May 30, 2011

Something mystery about life

Hurm.. there is something mystery about life..
Nobody knows what is it..
Why  i say life is mystery?

It is because we don't know what will happen with us in the future.
We just can planning about our future but we don't know whether it will happen as what we were plan.

Life is something that could make us miserable.
Life is gonna be fun if we really can enjoy every moment our life together with people that we love..

Love, what mean's of it?
Love also something mystery for me because i don't really know what it's means..

I love my family, of cuz la because without them, we will not live in this world. Although sometimes i feel hurt with what they do with me, always make me "kecil hati" but they is my own blood. They will sacrificed for me if anything happen with me, same with me to..~

I love my friends even though i always quarrel with them. It's my style, nobody can change it although i know some of them doesn't like my bad attitude. It's already time for me to break over with me friends, my university friends. Break over.. That doesn't means that i break the friendship forever, but it already time for us to live in our new world, after you guys not longer in a university life, don't know when we will meet again. 

Couple love
Hahaha, i never feel this type of feeling.. It's not my time yet or i will never feel this type of feeling kot?! Who know rite? But, i doesn't feel like to have this type of feeling, between girl and guys, not because i'm a lesbian okey but, it;s not a right time yet. 

So, only this i can said about the mystery of life..
Anything to share, just drop down the comment below..


senyumSOYA said...

walking toward uncertainties~ ^^!

CALLME mar . said...

. semua orang tak tahu apa apa pasal kita , sebab itu rahsia kita :)

rahsia yang kita sendiri tanak org lain tahu :)

janagn risau , saya tahu rahsia awak . hehe


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