Oct 22, 2011

My Happiest Moment

If we can turn back the time, this is the happiest moment that i want to forward back.
I still remember on that day, i was too stress with my assignment and my presentation and i thought it will become the worst day in my life.
On the same time, i already reach a message from my friends that ask me to accompany them to go some places outside my campus. I agree to follow them to hang out for a while, to release some tension before it explode my brain.
A long our little journey go to the place that my friends want to go, we have see a beautiful scenery. We stop for a while and snap a few photographs. 
The picture below shows that we set the timer to snap our picture together on the road and at the same time, there was a motorcycle through the middle of the road has made us panic because of worry about the camera's that will be mashed. 
LOL, what a surprise for us and if i remember it always be the one of the happiest moment in my life.

 "we don't remember the day's we remember the moment"

That's why i always bring along my camera every time i hang out because every moment is the important moment in our daily life. 
At the same time, i also can win a new Olympus PEN mini by joining the "Happy Photography" contest. 

You can joining this contest by click this link.


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