Oct 19, 2011

Pretend to be happy

Today 19/10/2011, was the worst day in my life, really-really worst..
I don't know what happen to me today, but i already do something that make me disappointing myself..
Shame with myself too..
All eyes just staring at me and i don't know what i'm doing...
Hmm, i just can stay in front of the audience and can't speak anything, my mouth have been lock and my heart beat so fast. 
All i know i want to cry but i just can cry in my heart..~
Pretend to be happy in front others is more difficult and hurt than you show your real emotion to others.

the past is past, now think about the future.. 
             life is must goes on, no matter what happen..
                              what i know now, i can't easily give up..!!
                                                  i hope i could do it and try the best for my final semester. 
                                                                    I REALLY HOPE SO

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