Nov 8, 2011

I'm Alone


I'm alone..! That the words i'm currently use it for..~

Well, yes! I always feel alone especially deep in my heart.

Sometimes when i'm give up or have a problem, i feel alone because i don't know who i want to share the problem and my sadness. It's good to pretend happy like nothing happen in life. But what i feel it, i hate to see people alone because i know what they feel when they are alone. Damn shit, it's freaking bad! 

Sometimes i feel lucky to be alone because i have no body to lose. No matter how bad being alone, there is something special that i will not lose for. Being hurt! I will not being hurt by somebody. 

Alone doesn't means your will lonely forever. 

Remember there is always someone with you when you thought you are alone.

Our parents, our friends always with us when we feel down.

Thanks for always be with me.


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