Dec 29, 2011

For You My Friend


For you my friend

You were there to listen
When no one else would
You would cheer me up
when no one else could

Whenever I was scared
You'd chase away my fears
Whenever I would cry
You'd wipe away my tears

I can always count on you
To help me smile again
I've come to count on you
Because you'll be there in the end

So I want to say thanks
For always being there
And for saving me
From my own despair

And one final thing
Here in this part
I love you
With every piece of my heart


*Copy from everything is inspiring*

p/s: Dedicated to my friends who read this post, hope you guys know what i mean.  Thanks for being my friend. Appreciate it from you guys, too many things happen that sometimes could make us have misunderstanding problem but we are still friends.


1 comment:

ciK LyndaWawa said...

happy new year..=]


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