Dec 22, 2011

My Final Year


This year is the time that i waited for. My final year. It's been 3 and half year i been in this place, this jungle, the places that created full of memory in my life. There was 1 weeks to go through, only 1 weeks to enjoy my student life, after that be prepared with my final exam. 


Yeah, on this 31st December 2011.
My first paper start and it will be last on 19 January 2011. The end of my student life. 


Gonna miss every moment in my student life, miss my friends here and the monkeys, the biawak, the monyet bulu putih one (i don't know what it's name), my beloved lecturer and the cat (because always do "mengawan sound outside my room)..!! 

Thinking about the 3 years ago...... 
Hurmmmm... If few years ago, the first time i come to my campus, i really feel that this place were worst, because stay in the jungle with the old bus, the taxi look old like 80an taxi, i think i live on 80an drama. It's all worst and all the negative things come out in my mind about this place. 

surprising face!!
That story about few years ago la. Now this place already "maju", all thing already change. There also got KFC, MarryBrown, Bowling Centre and K-Box centre for the student and community around there to enjoy and have fun.

The time flies to fast, we didn't realize that it will end in this few weeks. We didn't realize that the time we will spend together will flies past. The memory that been with my friends for this few years i keep in my mind and my heart. Staying far away from my parents and live alone already teach me a lot's of things about life. 

Friends, the most important thing when staying far away from our beloved one's. We need them as we need our family. Thanks to my friends who always be my side even though i'm not perfect friends to be with. Different races, different religion and different nationality it's doesn't means we can't be a friends. 

We are friends no matter how different we are...


This time to END my entry today.
The time flies to fast, didn't realize that i still haven finish my last assignment.


Happy Reading Guys.


CekbOlat-bOlat said...

oh so sweet ^^
hey sis.. gudluck on your exam ^^

dayah SnoW Heuka said...

gud luck keyh ^-^


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