Sep 12, 2012

Damn ! Tired

Come back to the old place with the nostalgic feeling. But for 3 days I been here, I just feel very exhausted to settle down all my things. 
~Ohhh tired mode ~

Damn! My life kinda busy now, everything need to be settle down in time until my body could not manage it. My first day I arrived at this place with my empty stomach, almost make me faint because of gastric. Oh goshh, I couldn't imagine if the time I faint, I will meet my prince charming! (Opsss, sorry ~ dreaming time, hahaha)

5 months to go! I hope i could manage it! Although without my friends around me, I could do it with my own!
Hopefully everything goes smoothly. 

Okay, it's time to rest! Hope tomorrow could be the better day than today.

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