Nov 27, 2012

Food Event Of The Day





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مساء الخير.


First of all, i would like to say i'm happy today because today i attend "Rasa Sayang Antarabangsa" event which is done in my campus area. In this event, they promote international food from all around the world which is from Korean, Japan, German, French, Thailand, Arab and also Malaysia. So, now let's the PICTURE SPEAKS THAN WORDS. (>_<)

Preparation for "Pulut Mangga" from Thailand.

Tea from Arab. 

One of the participant. Master student, she try to  promote Britain food and  explain it in Malay language. Just imagine, she speak Malay in her slang,  totally awesome. 

The Lempeng, Malaysian call this kind of food.  Prepared by French instructor. 

Nihon no osenbei, one of japanese rice crackers that famous among Japan people.  As I know, 1 box is 800 yen, which means RM40. 

Okey ! Finish ! While i'm busy capturing the picture of the food, people around there busy get the free food. At last, I didn't get anything from the stall. Hahahahaha, going back to the hostel with empty stomach and GASTRIC attack. Demm! Anyways thanks for spending your time to visiting my blog. 

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• deΔr MΔRDIHΔH• said...

Sedapnya! Tercekik air liur tgk!


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