Jun 20, 2012

the story of heart

~ the story of heart ~

I know a girl..

She's a bit weird..
She is a pretty girl but claimes she's ugly..

She looks like a happy girl but in her diary, she writes that she is sad..
She is funny but with a cold smile..

She is talkative yet when it comes to her feelings, she hides it all..
She loves everyone but she thinks no one loves her..

She is quiet but she listens to loud music that expresses her real emotions..
She walks slowly and appreciate everything..

She feels bad but never complains..
She is my best friend and all i want is to share her burden.

to let her know that i'm always here for her.
to help her show her true self one day...

She keeps asking me 'will i ever find that one guy who'll finally break my shell
and open me up to the world?'

and every time she asks that, I want to reply
'Yes you will. cant you see I'm trying? I want to be that one guy...'

But all I reply is 'sure..'!!!

Sources from Stolen Moment Facebook Pages

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Gadis Kampung said...

GK singgah blog nie ye..jemput ke blog GK..


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