Oct 20, 2012

It's all about fish

Another day to go through, feel thankful to the God because still giving me a chance to breath. Yesterday i still feel sad and mad. Forgive me, God because feel bad with my own family. Ah!, forget about it. 

First thing I do when I wake up just now, I see fish ! 

Oh no! Fish ! 

Hahahaha, my friends give her fish to me for me to take care. I remember to give her fish breakfast and i wonder how is the fish "berak" ?? 
Then I text my friends and ask her that question. Hahaha, I think my friends surprise read my message that sound stupid when her wake up.  
Ah! It's time to tweet ! Now i love to tweet because I can update status as much I like. 

Quotes of the day 

* Life is like a one way street, there's no way you can drive backward and you can't stop cause there's no use. So keep moving on ! *

*Entry merapu di morning hari*

1 comment:

pN.rOs said...

sangat betui....
if stop can't mean anything... just keep move on. may Allah permudahkan perjalanan seterusnya


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