Oct 15, 2012

The Measure Of Madness

I feel bored with my life without doing nothing. No friends to hang out as usual, no entertainment and no money to spend out. Just sitting in a room with my half dead laptop, wasting my time with online something that not much important. 

Yesterday i went to my campus library. This is the place i like to "lepak" alone without anyone disturbing me. I go to the ground level, searching for some book that could motivate me. Ahaa, I like to read some motivated book and criminal book. It's all about life, yeah.

I'm walking for 20 minutes looking for book that could interest me. Yeah, finally I found it. "The Measure of Madness", written by Cheryl Paradis. The book is story about the truth story experienced by Cheryl Paradis as a forensic psychologist and evaluated thousands of seriously mentally ill and violent individuals in her life. 

There's was to many cases included in this book. All of the story interest me and make me to read more. Mostly the story is about Cheryl Paradis confront with mentalist patient, who was always fascinating in their mind. 

One of the story in the book that interest me is about one patient that killed her mother because he want his mother free from sinned. The patient said that he heard some voices in his mind keep ordered him to kill her mother and let's her mother bleed remove all the sins that her have been committed. 

Cheryl Paradis asked the patients whether he ever regret because killed his mother and the patients answer that he never regret he killed her mother because he loves his mother very much and want to see her mother in heaven. 

This is one of the cases that I share in this book. I spend 2 days by reading this book. There is madness in every person in the life, but it's depends on us how to control that madness before it become worst.

Actually, I can't lie that sometimes I also can't control my anger and being mad with someone that hurt me and people that I love around me. If turn into few years ago, my bad attitude is I'm a bad tempered and will beatings people that try make me mad. That is when I'm young la, hahahaha.. But now, I think I can control my madness by doing something positive, for example jogging and sleeping. 

Oh yeah, that's all. I'm tired typing already. Goshhhh, my life kinda bored now. I don't know what to do. 
Sayounara, I'm gonna out now to find something fun for me. 

~ Reading to gain more knowledge ~ 

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