Oct 11, 2012

Joy of Happiness

If all of people in all of the world could turn their worries into laughter, then all of the people in all of the world would live happily ever after. 

Be happy for those challenges that you placed in your way so that you could again experience how divine you are.

For some how, I'm happy when I see people around me happy because I made it. Happiness is one of the wonderful feeling that could conquer our heart from thinking something negative about our life.  

"Don't worry, be happy", this quotes I learn when I was in form 6, means we no need to worries too much about our life, but try to be happy even though it tough. I still remember even though it already few years have passed, my MUET teacher scold me when I said "don't worry, be happy''. Do you wanna know why he scold me because of this quotes?

On that time, the class that I really hate and bored is MUET class. I and my friends like to play and joking around even though at the same time, our teacher busy teaching us in front. Even though we were sitting at the second role in front of blackboard, me and my friends also can playing during that time. Biasa la, naughty student ! Hahahaha !

One moment, I didn't know that my teacher staying behind of me and at the same time I gossiping with my friends about the quotes "don't worry, be happy". (I'm not really remember why this quotes come in our mind on that time). My teacher scold me on that time and said " Wasabi, you should worry okey, don't be too happy because your STPM is near". On that time, I just can make my blur faces because shame being scold in front of class and my friends sitting next to me just keep laughing. 

That memories still fresh in my mind until now. I admit it that I'm very talkative person especially when I meet people "satu kepala" with me and will become "silent" when I don't have my geng. Hahahahahaha...

Now, I already old ... Erk ! Old ?! Not too old la, still "remaja". Ahakkk !

It's been 24 years, 5 months and 10 days, I keep breathing, keep happy and appreciating my life with people around me. Happiness bring the joy in our life. Thanks God because keep me alive to see the world and spread the happiness to people around me. 


kinara kinatara said...

just for u dear:)


wasabi onee-san said...

wawww !! thanks ^^,


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