Dec 8, 2010

Thinking to change a new layout

I'm thinking to change my blog layout.
I just looking for something simple with a simple gadget that i would like to put in my blog.

But do you have some idea what website that good for change blog layout beside using blogger design?

Or how about if i want to create my own layout, how can i search for a code for it?

Ermm, my dear blogger friends, do you have some idea?

Help me yea!!


sYazY_dZaiMa said...

yup,im thinking the same think but i dun even have good, i just create my own *so called clumsy* header but the layout is still not satisfying me,huhu.

waRDah a.k.a QiQi said...

hehe.. tQ awak.. :) insya Allah, nnt wardah amek ye.. :)

sukeeeeeeeeeeee banget!!! :D

Miss Kira said...

hmmm...mybe awak boleh guna yg simple punya layouts..but u can create ur own background..
paste code dia..n tadaaaaa...dah jd..


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